Small Business Websites | Christie Graphic Design

Small Business Websites | Christie Graphic Design
Small Business Websites
A Do-It-Yourself Website System
for Small Business Owners.
• Do you desire a website that makes you money 24/7?
• Want a website that is Search Engine Optimized
   from the ground up?
• Need a professional looking website that is easy
  for you to personally update with important
  business information?

Spending thousands of dollars with webmasters who are slow to update your website costs you more money than just development expenses, it costs you in less business and opportunity. Your website is like a storefront, it needs to be updated regularly. If you walked into your favorite clothing store and there was never anything different, the same table of jeans was always in the same spot, there would never be any reason to come back into the store and take a look. You need to treat your website like a store owner and update it regularly.

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